Light and Leadership happily announces our program for high school, college and graduate students to get involved with LLI, and then earn a free stay in Huaycan, volunteering with LLI’s programs*!

Introducing… LLI’s Student Ambassador Program.

Here’s the details:

LLI’s Student Ambassador Position offers a great opportunity for those seeking a future career in education, social work, international development and/or not-for-profit organizations. Those who have a strong desire to serve marginalized communities, work with women and children, and become more involved with the global community should apply.

What does this position entail?

◦ Committing one academic-year to LLI’s initiatives as a Student Ambassador

◦ Organizing an annual fundraiser on campus with a small target goal of about $300

◦ Networking with the campus’ Internship Coordinator and the Office of International Programs to promote volunteer opportunities available through LLI

◦ Promoting the sale of the Huaycan women’s artisan crafts through local bookstores and/or other campus outlets

◦ Participating in meetings once a semester with other LLI Student Ambassadors to give feedback, share ideas and possibly coordinate events with other campuses. These meetings will be held in a central location within Chicago. If you are not from Chicago, please do still apply! You will hold personal phone meetings with a Board Member to guide you during your ambassador position.

The Best Part: Incentives!

In addition to recognizing your work on LLI’s website and/or blog, we would like to offer LLI Student Ambassadors, who meet their target goals, a one week FREE stay at LLI’s volunteer site in Huaycan, Peru. Please contact us for details.

We believe that volunteers, who show great interest in LLI’s mission and work, should have the opportunity to know our project first-hand!

How to apply?

Please contact Light and Leadership by sending your resume and statement of interest to Stephanie Willard-Worrell ( Stephanie serves on the LLI Board of Directors.


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