Both former and current LLI student ambassadors have shared their stories to encourage others to get involved! If you’re ready to become one of LLI’s student ambassadors, click here for more info!

Sarah Jongetjes, Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL

I initially got involved in LLI my freshman year at Trinity Christian College when I helped run a day camp for children in Huaycan during my school’s interim. When I returned home from this unforgettable trip, a piece of my heart remained in Peru. To stay involved, I became Trinity’s student ambassador for LLI the next fall. My goal in this position was to raise awareness of LLI to other students as well as the local community. I organized an event to tell several students about the Initiative and encouraged many individuals to get involved with LLI throughout the year. I recruited volunteers for various events including LLI’s Alpaca Party and 5K.

As a student ambassador, I was able to work with many wonderful volunteers and gain a priceless experience with a very special and worthwhile nonprofit organization.

Meg Cleary, Sandburg High School, Orland Park, IL

“I’m graduating a half a year early to travel doing mission work. I enjoy people and their cultures especially when being a part of it. There’s something that you take with you when you meet new people. During my travels, I will use the gifts that were given to me to spread the gospel and to appreciate life. Getting to know this organization and talking to Lara and the other volunteers really connects you to what they do. It’s amazing that people’s lives are being changed! They asked me to be a student ambassador and I had no idea what it meant, but I still said yes because I knew about LLI from my mom who is a board member. Now being an ambassador and trying to connect your school to LLI is a lot of work but the result is worth it. Working with the people at the 5k, setting up the tables and the goody bags, was a wonderful experience, I cant wait to work with them this year. Walking in the 5k with my friend and racing together at the end of the trail felt like another step that was being made for the organization.”
Thanks Sarah and Meg for your hard work!


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