This past Monday and Tuesday, the girls of Zone D came to participate in an LLI Volleyball Workshop. Under the guidance of Harvard volleyball player, Sindhu, nine girls gathered to learn how to bump, set, spike, and block.

Monday morning began with an over-joyous celebration by gringas Sindhu, Kristen, and Veronica for having successfully set up the net without direction. After some minutes of head scratching and chin stroking, we put our ingenuity and muscles to the test as we employed large stones to prop the wooden posts up. Success was ours!


Sindhu and Kristen posing triumphantly by the net.

The girls trickled in according to “Huaycán Time,” with a number of them sporting jerseys. As any experienced athlete would do, we took a lap around the court and stretched to warm-up. Stretching was followed by solo and partner drills consisting of juggling the ball, tossing and passing, setting, and hitting. Next they practiced their net approaches and spiking. After a good hour or so of drilling, it was time to put their skills to the test.



The strong Huaycan sun was by now beating down on us, as the team of gringos emerged from the house armed with baseball caps, sunglasses, and thick layers of sunscreen. After team huddles and cheers, the battle to 25 ensued with Team Peruanos versus Team Gringos. Right off the bat, Team Peruanos took the lead, and expanded it upon discovering our weaker links. Ace player, Nicol, of Team Peruanas took no mercy and repeatedly served to our weaker passer. Star player of Team Gringos, Sindhu, made a valiant attempt to close the gap with a series of aces, but the lead was too big, and Team Gringos couldn’t recover.


Team Huddles


A sneak peak into Team Peruanas’ huddle as they strategized.


Nicol and her aces targeted at our weaker passer.

The most memorable play would have to be Team Peruana’s Katrín’s block at the net in Game 2. After am embarrassing first game, Team Gringos enjoyed a boost in morale after a short pep talk by Coach Sindhu and were determined to up their game. Katrín’s shining moment came when, after three wild passes from Team Gringos, which miraculously resulted in getting the ball over, Katrín was ready at the net and swatted the ball for a nosedive right back into the Gringo’s court.


Players in action

Game 2, to Team Gringos’ chagrin, also went to Team Peruanas. We ended the scrimmages with friendly high fives and went into the classroom to take refuge from the sun and enjoy peach juice boxes and cookies.


Group picture =)

-Veronica Chin

Program Development Coordinator


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