Carrying on a great LLI tradition, students from all zones—D, Z232, Los Alamos, and S—gathered to face off in another heated chess tournament. Under former house manager and chess teacher, Mariel’s, guidance we split students into two levels and used a point system to tally wins.Image

 The scoreboard.  

Based on previous tournaments and class performance, volunteers placed their bets on two players in particular: Jean Frans, the former champion from Zone Z232, and Henry of Los Alamos. However, both were having off-days. 


Jean Frans struggling in his first game. 


Henry showing signs of distress in the fourth game. 


Henry’s neighbor, Willy, couldn’t focus on his own game.

After rotating through four rounds, with some ties, some surprise wins, some disappointments, it was time to reveal the results. Franky of Zone S secured first place for the advanced group, and Eduardo of Zone Z232 for the intermediate group. Each got to take home back-to-school goodie-bags consisting of notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, and crayons. With a new school year starting this Monday, such a prize was quite fitting.  


Champion Eduardo with his prize.


Champion Franky in action. 

Every participant got to take home a certificate, and of course, no LLI event is complete without snacks and juice.


Twins Maycol and Josue couldn’t wait to dig into their snacks.


Photo credit goes to Kim Dodge.

-Veronica Chin

Program Development Coordinator


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