This past Saturday, equipped with baseball caps, sunscreen, water, and high spirits, 22 Zone D students along with four Light and Leadership volunteers students piled into a microbus to embark on a day-long adventure to nearby zoo, Parque Zoológico Huachipa. The first stop on our journey was the interactive farm where students served lunch to the farm animals.


Feeding the donkey carrots.


Feeding the bull alfalfa.


Petting and feeding a sheep.

With the farm animals sufficiently nourished, students moved on to plant herbs and vegetables for the next season. They even got to take home their own planted tomato seeds!


Watering their newly planted tomato and herb seeds. 

Next up was a grand tour of the zoo, where we saw the tigers of Bengal, the lions of the Savannah, turtles, alligators, macaws, penguins, kangaroos, camels, giraffes, flamingos, and much more. Did I mention that we saw dinosaurs too? That’s right, Huachipa’s impressively done indoor, mechanical dinosaur exhibit gave our students a glimpse into the Jurassic era. Boy do I wish I had gotten a picture of their faces simultaneously filled with awe and terror.  Image

Learning about the camels.


Learning about the King of the Savannah.


A fearless turtle and his unsuspecting “friend.” 

Stepping back into the 21st century, we boarded a colorful train to round the zoo’s periphery and arrive at our lunch destination. Students got to enjoy ham and cheese sandwiches made with love by our volunteers–assembly line style of course!


With bellies full and feet well rested, we ended our day at the sea lion show. It was definitely an unforgettable and exciting day!             

ImageAwesome sea lion tricks!

Veronica Chin

Program Development Coordinator



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