the biohuerto to be
on the sideline watching as we work

A second LLI-initiated biohuerto for the community is in the making, fueled by the passion of 7 women in Zone S who come eagerly to weekly workdays with babies slung around their back and a pitchfork or shovel in hand. Our progress has been met by Peruvian-sized road bumps- first when we realized the location we chose, which is conveniently located next to the “comedor” or community room which we use for our classes in Zone S, was hard, rocky and sloped. We weren’t expecting a fertile field but clearing the rocks and leveling the hard surface turned out to be more of a chore. After leveling the space, we thought the next challenge would be to construct the fence around it but it has taken two weeks to successfully gather all of our materials, especially thanks to the carpenter whose promised to deliver our wood but never quite came through. Two weeks ago he called us saying the truck couldn’t come and promised to bring it this week and this week when the wood wasn’t there we called him and he said the truck wasn’t available. Unsatisfied with this answer, Leslie, Lucía (a community member and unofficial leader of this gardening crew), and I trudged down the hill to give him a piece of our mind. With Lucía’s persistence, patience (we waited on his stoop for about two hours) and plata (money) we finally made it up the hills with all of our supplies. There will be no waiting next time, we are finally ready to build the fence.


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