IMG_3185So, my name is Will and I’m from Chicago. I arrived here in Huaycán in the middle of June, and had only heard vague mention of the volleyball matches until I also stumbled upon them during the second week of July. I stood watching the men dressed in skinny jeans, with k-pop haircuts, and attitude, hit the volleyball over and over again, harder than most people I played with in high school. After five minutes of standing at the fence, watching them play, I heard, “¿Juegas voley?” Do you play volleyball? For some reason, I knew they were talking to me, the giant gringo at the fence, and said, “Sí, por supuesto.” “Ven, pues.” Come on then! I walked around the corner and walked on to the court. There were some oohs and ah’s and laughs, but I was used to it, having been in Huaycán and Perú for three months now. The opposing team served it up and I got set to the outside. I jumped up, almost missed the ball, but it still hit the ground. There were claps and cheers and hoorays. It was a nice welcome to the volleyball scene here in Huaycán and I’ll miss it when I leave.


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