Obligatory group picture!
Obligatory group picture!
Picture 007
The kiddos with the bulls
DSCN4335Picture 010 Josue and his new friend
Team-building game where they try to stand up by learning on each others´ backs and without using their hands.
Picture 022
Parachute games!

The students of Zone D got to experience dairy farm life this past Saturday at a local farm and meditative retreat. La Villa Asis, a lush gem hidden among the dirt-covered hills of Huaycán, boasts cows, bulls, guinea pig, goats, donkeys, horses, fish, ducks, geese, iguanas, peacocks, chicken, and rabbits.  A good deal more cautious than the group of Zone Z, Zone D students observed the animals from a comfortable distance and barely dared touch the animals. We began with a tour of the animals, took an intermission at the yogurt stand to down 5 liters of yogurt, and ended at the grassy amphitheater where we played fun, team-bonding games.

–Veronica Chin

Program Development Coordinator


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