LLI friends and family! 2013 has whizzed by and right before our eyes, our kiddos have grown another inch, beefed up their English aresenal, moved onto a different English curriculum, gone on multiple field trips, and slapped on a million more smiles on our volunteers´ faces. It has been a great year, with children´s English classes totaling 788, adult English classes 143, Math classes 63, art classes 214, chess classes 172, library sessions 260, and computation classes for our women at 128.

This, of course, would not have been possible without all of your support. Thank you, first, to our donors who make it possible for us to do our work out here in Huaycan–from purchasing new books for our library sessions to paying the rent for our classroom. Every penny helps and we could not say thank you enough. Thank you, also, to our volunteers who have donated their time, money, and energy to make LLI´s cogs run smoothly. Thank you to our supporters and friends who follow us on our social media outlets and who continue to give us words of encouragement wisdom. Thank you to our board of directors who keep things going on the other side and make our jobs in Huaycan a lot easier. Thank you to our staff who support and help us tirelessly–filling our stomachs, cleaning our messes, and keeping us safe. And lastly, thank you to our students who demonstrate dedication, curiosity, tenacity, and utmost gratitude. Without them, we would have no purpose. Without them, our lives would not be as rich. Thank you thank you thank you!

Have a great holiday season, everyone! We`ll start keeping everyone posted again in mid January.


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