The official school year has started in Peru and here at LLI we figured this was a good time to get our students to think critically about their aspirations through an essay contest. You too can be involved by being a contest sponsor and providing the funds for the contest winner’s prizes (more details on this at the end of the post)!

In the first week of March, LLI students 9 years old and over were invited to participate in the Map of my Dream Essay Contest. The objective of the contest was to get kids asking questions, investigating, and visualizing what specific steps they needed to take in order to achieve their dream. The students were able to submit their dream to LLI volunteers who then created “Resource Sheets” full of additional information about the student’s specific dream. LLI volunteers and parents were also encouraged to be resources to the children and to support their essay development.

The essay had to be a minimum of 2 pages and include the following components.

  1. What is my dream?
  2. Who can help me achieve my dream?
  3. What are the steps to achieve my dream?
  4. Why is this my goal?

A panel of LLI volunteers will choose 3 winners, one from each age group, based on three main criteria— evidence of investigation, writing quality, and inclusion of all components. The groups are divided into three groups, group 1: 9-10 years old, Group 2: 11-12 years old, and Group 3: 13 and up. Winners will receive a special prize and have their work posted on the LLI Facebook page and blog.

A sneak-peak of Yona's cover page.
A sneak-peak of Yona’s cover page.

While today is the deadline for submissions we have already had many students turn in their essay. Those already submitted look amazing and it is taking all the staff here at LLI serious willpower to wait to read them until all entries have been received. It is clear that the kids have spent a great deal of time and energy with this project! Our winners will receive prizes that specially support their dream. If you would like to be involved you could sponsor one, two, or all three of these prizes. We are asking for $40 for each prize.

I peaked at our first entry and Jonah dreams to be a doctor. Imagine her face if she received a mini doctor’s kit!


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