We are beginning the week with big news. LLI family is excited to announce a new addition to the existing programs we offer to children and adults. Huaycan, where extreme poverty is the norm and opportunities are plenty to corrupt young minds, the community is in great need of a safe place for teenagers, and this project has been on our charts for quite some time. Today we are proud to say that with the help of the Fourth Presbyterian Church and a generous individual donation, LLI will soon open a new center for adolescents in Huaycan.

Here teens will participate in a wide variety of educational programs including, but not limited to “After School Homework Help”, “Computer Laptop Lab”, “Intensive English Classes”, “Special Events and Speakers”. There will also be a Literature and Reference Library.

LLI's New Adolescent Center in Huaycan, Peru
LLI’s New Adolescent Center in Huaycan, Peru

The program is directly managed by teens themselves in coordination with LLI’s management.  Earlier this month a President and a Secretary were peer-elected by the teen Board of Directors. The teen Board of Directors will meet together to make decisions about what events to hold, approve new classes, and recruit new students to participate. This month, the group will meet to vote on a name for the center, a logo, and more!

But the work isn’t over yet, and yet again you can help us seeing this project through by supporting the teen literature & reference library. Our goal is to stock it with 150 titles that we’ve picked out for our teen readers. Please take a look and ‘Support our Amazon Wishlist.

Moreover our extended search for a safe & practical space for the adolescent center is finally over. With three different classroom spaces and a lounge area for the teenagers, it’s going to be great! The excitement we feel here at LLI is very high, as our existing teenage students are eager to get started and extend invitations to other teens to participate. They’ve even offered to paint and move furniture into the new space! Plans are scheduled to have the center open by the end of the month. We’ll keep you posted!

Please do forward and share this post with friends and family who might be interested in donating books for our teen library. There are two ways to support:

1) Contribute to our Amazon Wishlist. LLI Amazon Wishlist

2) Contribute via paypal or check! $50 will buy approximately 3 fiction books; $200 will buy approximately eleven fiction books.

With your help, we are hoping to meet and then exceed our 150 books goal.


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