July was full of exciting events for LLI’s top students! Our big event of the month was a trip to the zoo. Students who had not missed more than one class were invited to a special field trip to the Parque de las Leyendas, Lima’s biggest zoo. It was a treat for volunteers and students alike to spend the day together exploring the zoo.

Zoo Field Trip
Zoo Field Trip

 We began our visit with a guided tour through the Jungle section. Our fantastic guide named our group the “little jaguars!” The kids were engaged and interested in learning about the animals. We were happy to hear their curious questions and see their hands shoot up to answer the guide’s questions.

After our tour, we stopped to eat some lunch. It was great to sit all together and eat some polla a la brasa! I still smile thinking of little marjorie posing for the camera with her chicken, aracelli asking for more and more mayonnaise, eduardo laughing at the burnt hamburger that I offered him, and yuri’s blue tongue after her fourth popsicle!

 After lunch, we continued to explore the other sections of the zoo until the kids started to ask about the playground. We ended the day in the playground with some icecreams. We were so exhausted after our long day that I was sure that we would be a van full of sleeping kids on the way back. Turned out the kids had enough energy to play car games all the way back. It was a great day!


–Thanks to our trip leaders Karen & Lindsey!


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