Meet Eduardo, the winner of our first annual “Light and Leadership Award.” This award aims to celebrate one student who exemplifies LLI’s vision for educational success. Eduardo, has been studying with LLI for 3.5 years and is ALWAYS eager to participate in any program! He goes to English class twice a week, plus Art, Reading, Sports and Chess, all with LLI! During LLI’s 2012 Anniversary celebration, Eduardo was one of six winners of our English contest that year. His prize was a bike and he was SO excited. He’s even won a chess tournament or two.

Eduardo, The Light & Leadership Initiative
Eduardo, The Light & Leadership Initiative

He is getting so good at English that we’re not quite sure what his high school will do with him in a few years once he begins English classes at school. He will be light years ahead…!

Marta, his mother, is an amazing support for him and his education. She always encourages him to participate in everything he can and is very involved with his academic success. It’s amazing to see her dedication to his future and her unwavering support of both Eduardo and LLI!

Don’t believe how great he is? Check out LLI’s video where he’s speaking English on camera!!!

Eduardo 2012- English Contest winner, with his prize bike

Beyond his participation, Eduardo is just an all around amazing kid with an incredibly positive attitude. We are so proud, Eduardo!

On behalf of Eduardo and his family, thank you for making his education with LLI possible these past years. It is truly changing Eduardo’s life!



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