Meet Mery, our 15 year old Teen student from Zone D. She has been coming to the LLI for quite a while now. When Mery was around 10 years old, she started with the LLI with a little motivation from her mom, aunt and Lara, and stayed for a year. Upon turning fourteen she returned and started in our teen English program.

A typical day for Mery involves school, homework, cooking for her family, attending classes at the LLI, and playing with her dogs. On weekends she helps her family by selling sweets on the main street in Huaycan.

Teen Student Mery at the LLI
Teen Student Mery at the LLI

Mery comes over at the Teen Center three to four days a week. She appreciates the affection and the help she receives here with English and other things, including school homework. Meeting new people, reading books, playing with other students, and participating in English classes are her favorite activities at the Teen Center.

“At the Center, we have time for ourselves to do things that are out of the ordinary and different from our regular routines,” She says. “The books and the computers are so helpful with the homework.” As an avid reader, her favorite genres are politics, romance, philosophy, humanities and poetry.

About her future plans after the school, she says, “I still haven’t decided because I don’t have the economic funds yet, but I’m considering accounting or marketing because there is always high demand for those jobs.”

Mery says that she’s a happy supportive, friendly and respectful teen and holds deep affection for her family. “My family is responsible, friendly, and we’re all strong people. We like to excel in things and extend a hand when others are in a difficult spot.”

Additionally, Mery serves as the Secretary to our Teen Leadership committee for Teens Without Limits. Mery is bright, incredibly friendly and very dedicated–we love having her in our programs!



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