Meet our 16 years old high school student, Johnny. As punctual as he is, John attends the LLI Teen Center four days a week, and loves the English class and the movie nights.

He hearts LLI because here he learns English pronunciation and Grammar in a fun and spontaneous way. Apart from attending classes, Johnny spends a good bit of time reading books at the LLI library for the teens. “It’s fantastic because I can find books that are specifically for teens and their needs as students.”

When asked about his family, Johnny says, “Well, they are fun. My father is a serious person, but very wise. My mother is very happy and nice to everyone. My brother, he is responsible and fun to be around.” When asked about himself, “While I can be lazy and impatient, but most of the times I think I am punctual, respectful and honest.” If you ask us, we’d say that he is just a balanced and hard-working teenager who aspires to become a veterinarian and holds great admiration for his mom. “My mom is a fighter and is so strong. She’s a teacher, and wishes to study at the LLI and travel the world.

LLI Teen Student: Johnny
LLI Teen Student: Johnny

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