Meet Franky, our super dedicated and kind 14 years old LLI student, from zone S. For past four years, Franky has been a regular fixture at LLI classes, and is extremely dedicated to improving his English. Other kids sure do listen to him when Franky tells them to behave in the class. But mostly he just leads by example; a great role model for the rest of the zone S kids! While initially the LLI teachers motivated him to study, it’s a different story now. A self-motivated and disciplined personality that he is, Franky now attends Reading, English and Chess classes at the LLI and loves spending time with the teachers. English essay and the chess contests are his favorite because they help him get better. When asked why he works so hard at English, Franky says, “When I’m older I can travel outside of Peru to other places and understand people.” A Chef or an English Translator, the career choice is a bit of a tug of war for Franky because he loves to cook as well as speak English!

Though he secretly wishes to control the four elements like the Avatar, Franky’s real superpower is with his chess pieces; the kid controls the game like a pro!



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