Meet the winners of our essay contests! Mariel, Yessina and Jonah. We asked the kids to write an essay on their dreams, and how they plan to achieve them. It was difficult to pick just three from all the fantastic and creative essays! Mariel wrote of dreaming to be an astronaut. Yessina wrote that her passion for language and culture guided her desire to work in the tourism and hotel industry. Finally, Yonah wrote that she wanted to become a doctor to help children in poverty with their medical ailments. All three winners received very special prizes to help them with their aspirations.

Our adolescent winner, Yessina received books on language and culture. Jonah’s prize was a book about the human body and a trip to the movies. Mariel wanted to wait until her father returned to Peru to go on her special field trip. One weekend we spent an entire afternoon at the planetarium with Mariel, her little sister and dad. Thanks to Thanks to Kenneth Hayashi, Cassie Lagorio, and Kathleen Dengerink for your generous donations and putting smile on these little faces 🙂

essay contest


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