It was incredible to see the students, from the sweet small kids to the independent teens, use their vivid imagination to draw, illustrate, color and paint!– Sucheta

We had an entire week brimming with creativity in Zones D, Z and S and the Teen Center, thanks to our Art teacher Sucheta! The little kids went all out with their imagination and drew funny creatures with an assortment of heads, bodies, feet and tails of their choice. They even presented the colored drawings to the rest of the class. Mermaids were by far the most popular, closely followed by butterflies, horses and sharks.


Over at the Teen Center, the students split into teams and wrote short stories. Later they illustrated them on wood panels using tempera paint. Here as well the mermaids made their debut and so did a Monster Scooby-Doo, courtesy of Franky and Gabriel. Later in the week, the students in the Zones S and D painted Tibetan-inspired wish/blessing flags with animals that represent positive emotions of courage, hope, freedom, beauty, love and happiness.


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