On Tuesday, Feb. 17th, we had a math competition for the kids in Zone D. Nine participants were split into teams as they tried to tackle some tough math problems in a “mathletes-type” contest. The kids were challenged in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division while working through real life situations involving currency and time. Professors Carlos H., Marc, Katie, Mervi and Carlos C. supervised the the event and the team of Fiorella, Emelyn and Maylee won the competition while the team of Ernesto and Gian Pier finished in second. It was an intense event, and there were plenty of snacks and prizes to fan the enthusiasm.

‪#‎mathcompetition‬ ‪#‎math‬ ‪#‎contest‬ ‪#‎prize‬ ‪#‎win‬DSC_7302 DSC_7305 DSC_7307 DSC_7308 DSC_7311 DSC_7315 DSC_7321 DSC_7322 DSC_7323 DSC_7327 DSC_7330 DSC_7355 DSC_7356 DSC_7358 DSC_7373 DSC_7377 DSC_7379 DSC_7380


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