Today we are bidding goodbye to our English and Art volunteer Sally who hails from Boulder, Colorado. Here at LLI we welcome and encourage volunteers from every walk, age, and part of the world, and we are so proud and grateful to Sally for proving that age is just a number for the women who dream to volunteer abroad. Sally is an inspiration to the women who wish to travel, share wealth of life experiences and give back to the world through their creativity and a can-do attitude.

“My husband and I owned a whole wheat bakery for 29 years. We have 2 grown girls. I have always volunteered in the classroom and knew I loved teaching. We retired 2 years ago and I started Spanish lessons.”

Sally is a huge crafter, and over the period of eight weeks at LLI she taught English and Art classes to the kids.


LLI: Why did you opt to volunteer in Peru, Sally?

Sally: I was looking for volunteer work in a Spanish speaking country since my Spanish is beginner level and I was looking for a way to volunteer as well as practice my Spanish.

LLI: While volunteering with LLI what affected you the most?

Sally: LLI is a fabulous organization. I love living in the community. One day trudging home after an especially challenging bus ride, one of my kids came flying across the street to give me a hug! What a treat.

I feel like the staff here is always trying to optimize the kids learning environment, with additional activities and moving the kids into different classes and levels. The fluidity of the organization makes a great fit for this community.

I also like that so many of the activities are open to any neighborhood kids: Art, Biblioteca, and Chess. Such a great idea!


Sally’s advice for future volunteers: Be prepared to work really hard mentally and physically. Also be prepared to lose your heart to this community!


After returning to the States, Sally plans to work with ESL, and the entire LLI family wishes her all the best! 🙂


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