Past week the kids in Zone D had a messy yet fun day in the art class. Jessica, our art teacher introduced them to ceramics. The kids began with kneading and squeezing their share of wet clay between their fingers.

Ceramic tiger

After rolling and folding the clay back into itself several times it was the time to pinch small workable chunks which they rolled on the table or the palm of their hands in circular motion to make bead rounds or pinch pots. They skewered these bead rounds on a stick and then pulled the skewer out.

Some kids went on to making clay dices, plates, bowls, lamps, even a snake in a basket and a tiger! Once their clay creations were dry and sturdy, they painted them in all sorts of bright colors. Who knows if the pinch pots necklaces remain their most cherished piece of jewelry for years to come.

Pinching in Progress
Proud Artist
A Ceramic Spin Top

image-4 image-5 image-6

Ceramic Class
Ceramic Class
Ceramic Dices Display
Pinch Beads and Probably a Snake in a Basket 🙂
A Fashion Forward Ceramic Tiger with Polka Dot Hand Bag
Painted Pinch Bead Necklace

image-12 image-13 image-14


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