Nelida is our dedicated program participant and one of our long time artisans. In a barren city like Huaycan the sources of income are feeble. But fighting all odds she’s been a source of humble earnings, motivation and confidence for her family. Her children Maria Cristina, Enderson, Jefferson are all LLI participants. While Maria Christina is one of the most active students in our English class, her brothers are the masters of the soccer on the field. Grandmother is Alejandra, also a program participant always willing to help to keep the family tight and floating, whatever the circumstances.

artisancloseup artisancloseup2 artisancloseup3artisancloseup4Our Women’s Program helps the women artisan like Nelida and Alejandra to earn a respectable living by providing them with education on finance, computer, and resources to learn new crafts and sell their handicrafts outside of Huaycan and in the US at handicraft fairs.

We have a humble request to anyone with a used iPad in good shape that they are no longer using and are willing to donate. Our artisan program will benefit tremendously with this device. It’s essential to our success with the P.O.S. (Point of Sale) system. We need something that is easy to use, easy to transport from the store to Huaycan or the U.S., and Vend, the P.O.S. system we will be using, works great with the iPad. Thank you for your offering!


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