Eco Truly Park is a beautiful Peruvian Pacific coast ecological, artistic community founded on Vaisnava principles, strategically located on Chacra y Mar beach, a district of Aucallama, in the province of Huaral, one hour by bus or car (63 km) north of the capital city, Lima. Its peculiar trulys, cone-shaped constructions made with mud and organic material, invite the visitors to feel like part of nature and to get in touch with the universe. Everything on the farm is done organically, from eating, growing plants, doing chores and even going to the bathroom.Here you may learn about recycling, yoga, vegetarian food, agriculture and more.

A few of our volunteers spent two days at the yoga retreat and here we are sharing their honest opinion on the Eco Truly Park (Peru) yoga retreat, and some tips for future visitors:)


We first hopped on a collective on quince and got into the center of Lima. From there, we took a bus to the Yoga Retreat. That total travel time is about 2.5 hours one way.

Total transportation cost: about 30 soles

Cost of yoga retreat stay: 130 per person (we shared a room with a total of 5 people)

What we did:

We arrived and received a tour of the place which was approximately 40 minutes. After about 3 hours of arriving, we had a delicious vegetarian meal. We relaxed for a few more hours and headed to the beach for about an hour. Some girls slept, some read after the beach. Around 5 p.m. we headed to do some yoga with the instructor for an hour. Then, at night around 7 p.m. we did some meditations in the temple which was really neat!

2nd day:

We woke up and did yoga at 7 a.m. followed by a yummy breakfast. Once we ate breakfast, we had the rest of the afternoon to do what we pleased. We got a little bored and left around 1p.m.

Pros: Very relaxing, good food, tranquil place to relax, right on the beach, places to eat around the retreat as well

Cons: During the week, not many activities offered. During the week they offer art classes for example. Yoga classes were good but basic. The juice place inside the retreat is open only on the weekends 😦 Lots of down time.

Advice: Stay only a night. Bring a good book to read or something to occupy your down time.


DSC04184 DSC05812 DSC05846 DSC05869 etp2 IMG_6607 S5033088 selec (72)


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