This April LLI started math homework help sessions held for 1.5 hours each time 3 times a week for children ages 7-12.


Peru struggles with math as a country, scoring last place out of 65 countries tested in the last PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) taken in 2012. It’s evident that math help is needed as attendance boomed in our math classes since they began – an average of 9 kids come to sessions each day they are offered, and some sessions have had up to 18 kids all working on completing their school math homework.


When we enrolled children in the program, we surveyed parents to find out why they want their child to get additional math help. The following are the questions we asked word clouds with all the parents answers. The way word clouds work are they count the number of words in a text. The more times a word appears in text, the larger it appears in the cloud. So the biggest words are the ones that parents said the most.



Why do you want to enroll your child in math class? (note: aprenda = learn, ayuda = help, mas = more, matematica/matematicas = math, necesita = needs, curso = class, quiero = want, puedo = can)


Do you feel that yourself or another family member can help with math homework? (note: no = no, si = yes)


Do you think that your child has difficulty with math in school? (note: no = no, si = yes)imageThese surveys underline the need for math help outside of school! Thankfully, we have several Peruvian volunteers like Jose Saenz (including teens in our teen program!) who come to help out, as well as Carlos, a volunteer who has been with LLI since July of last year. Carlos is leaving in mid-June this year, and we will be very sad to see him go since he has been integral to the success of the math program!



If you or anyone you know of has advanced Spanish skills and can help with elementary school math, are most welcome to volunteer with LLI and help the kids’ success in school and careers, as well as help Peru work towards success in international exams!


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