Did you know that at LLI we offer internships lasting from three months up to a year? If you or a friend of yours is looking for an opportunity to travel and also make a positive difference in the lives of the kids, women and teens in a small community, look no further. We offer internships in Art Education, English Language and Women’s empowerment.

For information on current internship openings and requirements, please check our idealist page:  http://www.idealist.org/view/org/bnDFT97FBk5P/

Today we are talking with Joshua Khosrofian, our current English Language intern. He’s 23 years old and a graduate from Liberty University with a Bachelor´s Degree in International Business.

Josh K 1

Hi Joshua! What motivated you to intern abroad as an English teacher?

I decided to intern abroad as an English teacher because I thought it would be a great opportunity to travel to another country and learn about their lifestyle and culture.  Rather than being conformed to just look for business-related career with my degree, I thought about what I would want to do for the summer and the first thing I thought about was to go to another country!  I decided to reach out to programs and internships that taught English to kids because of how fulfilling it would be to help kids learn the English language.

What are your first impressions of Huaycan? Anything surprising? Anything exciting?

 Huaycan is a very interesting place, but nothing has really surprised me.  I always enjoy a new environment.  Everything is very cheap in this town.  It will be exciting to get to explore all of the shops on the main street as well as trying different food!

What classes are you teaching? (kids as well as teens?)

I am teaching English the kids from Zone Z 232 and the teens from Zona D, as well as co-teaching many other classes.

 What’s your teaching style? 

Structured but also liberal and malleable.

Have you ever taught an English class before?

No I have not.

What are you looking forward to most during your time with LLI?

I look forward to making new friends (with the volunteers and with my students), seeing my students improve their English skills, exploring different places, and of course playing a lot of soccer!

 Is teaching English in Huaycan different than your expectation? Is it more of a challenge or a reward or both?

Not so different than I expected.  Everything that is new to me is always a challenge but it is very rewarding to see kids improve in class and to also develop an important relationship with them.

Thank you, Josh! We are excited to have you with us. We hope your time with LLI leaves you with plenty of happy memories, and serves as a platform for personal and professional growth!


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