Meet our former volunteer, Donnella, from  Auckland, New Zealand. She studied psychology at university and visited LLI in the summer holidays part way through her degree, for about two months (January and February 2012).

Currently Donnella lives in Wellington. She’s just finished her honors degree in psychology and is working at an organization that helps university students get jobs to support themselves during their studies. She also work as a volunteer for a phone counseling organization and really enjoys it. About her future plans: “My partner and I are just about to leave New Zealand and start traveling around Europe; we’re hoping to eventually settle and find work in England or Spain.”

While at LLI Donnella mostly taught English, but also did some Adult Literacy, Maths and Art classes, as well as one-on-one English tutoring.

A favorite memory from LLI days. 

It’s hard to pick a favorite memory but I think it would have to be the last lesson I had in Los Alamos, where the kids threw a leaving party for me and we had a huge dance session– that was really special.

los alamos party
Donnella’s farewell dance party with LLI kids.

Do you feel your experience with LLI has helped your career path or your personal development? If so, tell us how!

Even though I’m not planning to go into teaching/education, I definitely think LLI has helped with my career path and personal development – it made me much more confident communicating with people and I think the skills I developed working for LLI will absolutely help me in my life and chosen career (psychology/therapy).

Are you still in touch with any past LLI volunteers? Who? 

I’m still in contact with the LLI volunteers every so often, and one of the girls I lived with when I was with LLI actually visited NZ a couple of years ago so we were able to meet up again, which was lovely. I’m hoping to catch up with a couple of LLI people while I’m in Europe too.

grad photo
Recently Graduated!!

Congatulations on your graduation, Donnella!! Best of luck for the forthcoming adventures from entire LLI family 🙂


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