Today our spotlight is on our volunteer Jocelyn  who is from Ayer, Massachusetts. Jocelyn’s been with LLI for 2 months and during this time she’s  helped out with math help, but her main duties include revising curriculum for the biblioteca program and managing that as well as programming for the Teen Center. For the programming, she planned fun and interesting events for the teens including an American Culture Night, a UN style discussion, and a Jeopardy evening. For Biblioteca, Jocelyn devised a set of workshops for students in the Biblioteca program that were struggling with phonics and basics of reading.

Let’s get to know Jocelyn a bit more 🙂

“I am a rising junior at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC studying history and secondary education. On campus, I am involved as a TA for EDUC 302: Cross Cultural Education, I am a Resident Advisor (RA), I am a Tour Guide Coordinator in the Office of Admissions at Guilford, and I participate in CAB (Campus Activities Board). Prior to going to college, I spent 2 weeks in Panama and fell in love with Latin American culture.”

What inspired you to volunteer in Huaycan?
A few things brought me to Huaycan. One of them being that I am a history major and the foundations of Huaycan really grabbed my attention. I think the historical roots of Huaycan explain why it is the way it is and it made me want to spend time in this community. I also am really interested in culture and how people live in different regions of the world, which is what drove me to venture abroad in the first place.

What activities do you enjoy the most while volunteering for LLI?
I love working in the Teen Center. The teens are so welcoming and so appreciative of the work we do as volunteers. I also love swapping stories of cultural norms compared from the USA to Peru.


Do you feel your experience with LLI has helped your career path or your personal development?
LLI has undeniably been a positive and helpful experience for my career path. I’m a secondary education major with plans to one day teach history in a high school. Although I did not actually teach anything while with LLI, I still gained a lot of appreciation for cross cultural competency and communication in those regards.

Random facts about yourself.
I was a competitive All-Star cheerleader all during high school.
My favorite movie is “The Breakfast Club.”
I’m afraid of geese.
I’ve seen every episode of “The Office” up to season 6 (and it’s my favorite show).
I’ve been inside the White House before.
I have a miniature horse.

Share a favorite memory from LLI days.
Telling the kids at the Teen Center all about American culture. I loved swapping stories with them comparing and contrasting Peruvian culture to American culture.


Plans after LLI.
Once I leave Peru, I have about a week at home before I head back to college for RA training. In a long-term sense, I have 2 more years of college.

Message to future volunteers.
Ask all the questions you can think of! There are going to be so many things and situations you don’t understand, and the majority of them are worth asking about. I once asked a woman on a combi (public transportation) how she tied her baby to her back without the baby falling. It is totally worth the sometimes awkwardness.

Any travel/volunteering/teaching tip for future volunteers.
Peru is a GIANT country which I did not realize upon coming here. If you want to travel somewhere in the country, plan ahead. It may take a lot longer than you think to get there.

In 5 words describe your experience with LLI.
Find the best in everything.

Thank you, Jocelyn, for devoting your time with LLI and planning great activities for the teens. We wish you all the best for the college!


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