Sometimes we have the privilege of having volunteers in our midst with special talents. Charlotte, who is our very own Math and English teacher and a taekwondo black belt, worked with the women’s program on self defense classes.
The ongoing class series continued with Charlotte as they practiced the most basic movements learned from previous classes. Local volunteers also participated to provide the women (to spar with as well) with something to punch at as well. The sporty session saw lots of laughter, but with November 25th also being the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the workshop was followed by a 45-minute discussion on how as individuals and as a society we could prevent entering and creating violent situations.

The women, most in their 40s but a few participants in their 30s and 20s as well, very astutely recognized the connection between sexual violence and violence in general, and being able to teach our each other to think more critically about some of the harmful values that permeate our society, such as the glorification of violence, machismo and hyper-sexuality, is very important.
Learn more about how to end Violence against Women, visit UN Women.


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