For the past few months, the Teen Center has offered guitar lessons for any teen that would like to learn, no matter the level. Now home to four beautiful second-hand guitars, the Teen Center students have enjoyed learning the basics, and practicing both simpler and more advanced songs with the help of local volunteers.

One of the local volunteers, Luigi Rafael, sat down with Teen Center coordinator Christine to chare his story and talk about his experience with LLI. He generally spends his Mondays offering guitar lessons at LLI, which he says has been a unique and extraordinary experience seeing the teens gradually learning the art.

LLI volunteer, Luigi Rafael

Tell us about yourself–-Where do you live, what do you do currently?

I’m 27 years old, and I live in Huaycan. For a few months I’ve been able to travel a bit throughout my native country, and have the opportunity to spend a few months in the United States visiting family. I loved the experience. Now I am starting to study Clinical Lab and Pathological Anatomy at the university.

How did you find out about LLI and decide to give guitar classes?

My sister Ursula actually told me about her experience volunteering with LLI, and how much she enjoyed being there.
Also, when I was in the United States I saw a video on Facebook that talked about an organization that looked for people to support youth culturally, socially, and/or artistically in Huaycan; since I live there I thought it’d be great to be a part of their work. I didn’t realize that it was the same organization that my sister had volunteered with.

How are guitar classes going? What are the teens learning?

The guitar classes are going very well! Sometimes it’s a bit complicated because new students come each Monday, and we have to review material from previous classes and grow while also helping the newcomers learn the basics.
Right now we’re learning a bit of basic theory, as well as chords. I’m concentrating heavily on practice, and I’m interested in them being able to master the instrument in a quick and fun way.And since there’s always more to learn, so I thought adding a little bit of signing would be nice considering how much the teens are interested in playing the guitar and singing along.


Learn more about our Teen Center and the work being accomplished by our team!


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