Earlier this month, LLI’s Executive Director Lara DeVries, along with LLI treasurer Louella DeVries, made a pit stop in Minneapolis. LLI’s former volunteers Jess, Charlotte, Anna, Emily and Christina hosted a speaking engagement with Lara on Carleton College’s campus focus on Ethical Volunteering in ‪#‎Peru‬. Lara spoke for about an hour on her experience leading an ethical volunteer program and making some recommendations on what students should look for in terms of ethical volunteering standards when applying to volunteer abroad. Carleton students were also invited to purchase products from the Huaywasi artisan line, supporting female artisans from Huaycan.

It was a great two days thanks to our amazing and generous former volunteers and supporters in Minneapolis!
‪#‎ethicalvolunteering‬ ‪#‎volunteer‬ #Peru #artisan #handmade #Huaycan

IMG_3453 (1)aeb0ca3b67af595e2e39f5b4746c6448


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