Introducing Rosa, LLI’s New Program Development Intern..!  Rosa is a Peruvian-American, joining the LLI team from Chicago after working for a few years with local non-profits.  She arrived early May and is now settling in, already reforming and improving our Chess curriculum and methodology and assisting with 7th Anniversary prep!


Get to know her with this short Q&A:

1) What made you want to join LLI’s team as the Program Development Intern?

I wanted to join the LLI team as the Program Development Intern because I knew that I wanted to use my sociology degree to assist in improving a non profit organization, and what better place to help out in than my motherland. Being a member of LLI is helping me immerse myself in my Peruvian culture.

2) What aspects of the position are you most looking forward to during the next year?

During this next year I am really looking forward to creating modules for the curriculum and creating more structure for the programs. I am also super excited for the 7th year anniversary coming up, giving all our youth the chance to come together and recognize not only the program on progressing throughout the years, but recognizing the success of the youth.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on our programs from Rosa!



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