Sarah, a recent Primary Education graduate from Kutztown University in the U.S., joined us back in January of this year as one of our long term English teachers. She was recommended by a two-time Art teacher volunteer, Anna, to check out LLI after chatting with her about her experience and seeing photos of Huaycan and the programs.


Her original plan was to volunteer with LLI from January through June, but she recently decided to extend her stay by two additional months, explaining, “I could not imagine leaving in two weeks. I just felt like I still had more work to do here and did not want to leave all of my students yet. My purpose wasn’t fulfilled yet.”

With her background in education, she is an excellent addition to LLI’s team and work within our English program. Plus, her personality, as she will tell you herself, is pretty out of this world 🙂 Sarah teaches four classes a week, which range in frequency from once a week to meeting three times a week.

I enjoy seeing the excitement on my students’ faces when something clicks, it’s such an awesome feeling. I love all of my classes because I feel like I personally connect with them in many different ways.

She also helps out very regularly at the teen center, which has allowed her to cross language barriers with teens–allowing them to get to know her through English, and her practicing Spanish. IMG_5532

As I teach a lot of the students, I have built friendships beyond the classroom. I enjoy talking to the teens because they are wonderful and I feel like I can relate to them.

We’re lucky at LLI to have Sarah and so many of our very talented and gracious volunteers. Thank you, Sarah, and we look forward to the next two months!

Interested in joining us? Learn more about volunteering with LLI here and join our team!


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