On the eve of LLI’s Seventh Anniversary of Education Programs in Huaycán, we thought we’d reflect a bit on what we’ve accomplished together–donors and supporters in the U.S. and across the world, volunteers both international and local, all combined with some good old fashioned blood, sweat and tears. Check it out:

#1 On a macro level, LLI targets the nation’s biggest need: quality education.

Education, from day 1, has always been our focus. Our programs were created and are maintained utilizing community/parent feedback and test scores, resulting in great programs like reading, science and math, which are the biggest areas of need within the Peruvian education system. Since 2009, we’ve offered over 12,000 classes in Huaycán.

KC 2016 Lara (3).JPG
Homework hour is just one of the many programs offered, a result of feedback from parents asking for more homework support.

#2 We value cross-cultural relationships among volunteers and the community, but we see the big picture.

Our volunteer program provides an amazing opportunity for valuable volunteer placements, of which provides an added cultural component to our classrooms. Yet, we know it is not about the volunteers. We are serious about providing a plethora of pre-arrival reading materials about Huaycán, working with volunteers to manage real expectations concerning volunteering, and providing a space to discuss issues in development (monthly civic reflection discussions). We also have a pretty sweet (and by sweet, we mean ethical) policy on social media, which protects our participants.

No words can describe how much we love our staff. Here’s Queta (pictured) at last year’s anniversary. She shows no fear.

#3 LLI is serious about investment in Huaycán. 

Just one result of this investment is the employment of five Huaycán locals in our education and volunteer programs. Our family, Oscar, Tito, Dina and Queta, have been with us for years, and we were happy to have Andrea join our team this year. Our focus is on creation of jobs for Huaycán locals, not removal of them.

#4 Our English program is top-notch.

The English Program is the number 1 sought after program by parents in Huaycán. Thanks to ESL and education professionals who have come through our doors as volunteers, students ages 7-17 gain access to native speakers in and outside the classroom with a steady and clear curriculum. We currently offer 19 English classes each week. 

#5 Teens get the space they need. Literally.

A few of our “regulars” hanging out with volunteer Sarah.

The Teen Center provides a space unlike any other in the Huaycán community. This year, we’ve seen an average daily attendance of 19 teens in our center per day, providing a safe space away from peer pressure and difficult family situations, not to mention a quiet space for homework. What can we say, the place is cool…

#6 The Huaywasi artisan program is… wait for it… AMAZING!

Our artisan program supports six talented and passionate artisans, providing a sustainable approach to women’s empowerment. The sales of Huaywasi products directly supports not only the artisans themselves, but women’s education in Huaycán. This contributes to making two educational workshops per week possible for our women’s program participants. And thanks to the artisans’ ambitions, Huaywasi will only continue to grow as we move forward in 2016!

#7 And the seventh way… the fact that this list could be 100 ways long is our #7.

The truth is, LLI does a lot. We didn’t even get to talk about our reading program, which makes over 1,500 books available to kids and teens. Or the teen leadership program, which just launched this year… Or the financial education, music or self esteem workshops, offered by dedicated local volunteers… or the coding workshops… the math homework help program…or the creative juices that are produced by the art program 5x a week…  OK we hope you get it 🙂

If you’re liking what you just read… help us continue the work. Any donation, big or small, is appreciated by LLI’s students, staff and families. Thank you!

Donate Here. 


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