This past Saturday, seven industrial engineering students teamed up with the Teen Center to give a special talk on renewable energy to our teen participants. The university students joined us from the Universidad Cesar Vallejo in Ate, whose campus is found in the same district of Lima as Huaycán.


Here’s what our teen participants had to say:

Naydú: “Aprendí sobre los varios tipos de energía y que es muy importante para ahorrar energía y no agota nuestras fuentes de energía más importantes como el petróleo y salvar al medio ambiente.” / “I learned about the different types of energy and that it’s very important to save energy and not to exhaust our most important energy sources like petroleum to save our planet.”

Kevin: “Aprendí mucho sobre la energía renovable y sus clases, la definición de la ingeniería industrial y en que se basa.” / “I learned a lot about renewable energy and its classes, the definition of industrial engineering and what it’s about.”

Considering many of LLI teens want to seek out higher educational opportunities in engineering, this presentation was very useful! Thank you/Gracias!13410521_1290652974280362_1808342392_o


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