Meet Patricia who has been with the LLI team since May 2016 as our Women’s Program Manager! Patricia is no stranger to South America, she is Brazilian and is third generation Japanese. Originally from São Paulo (the biggest city in Latin America), but was raised in a smaller town nearby. She spent about four years in Belo Horizonte, where she received her Bachelors degree in International Relations from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais.


Learn more about Patricia with this  Q & A:

1. Tell me about what you did before LLI?

Before LLI, I spent a year working and traveling through Thailand and Southeast Asia. I joined LLI as the Women’s Program Manager after looking for a great opportunity to work with gender and development.

2. What is your favorite part of being the WPM?
Here I’m having the chance to apply my knowledge in international relat13754556_10153793617638946_2850905938942205639_nions and gender, and also also learn a lot about social work and non-profit management. But this is a tough question, I don’t have one favorite part. I enjoy meeting the women (at the Program and on the street, markets,etc…) and their kids, and it’s also very nice to meet other organizations working for women and community development. The artisan program, Huaywasi, is another highlight. All in all, this has been a great community immersing experience.
3. How do you see the women’s program growing?
My goal is to set a solid program, reaching out to more women, helping Huaycán to achieve a sustainable development, and bridge the gender inequality gap. I am looking forward to creating structured certificate programs for our workshops, and a community empowerment program. I aim to set a program in which the women from Huaycán truly see as theirs.
4. What do you love most about being in Peru?
Peru is being such a great place to discover every day. I would mention the people, food, sightseeings, Machu Picchu, … And the feeling that this is very similar to my home. Even the crazy traffic reminds me of home (a.k.a my time in Thailand, and some Brazilian neighborhoods). Living in Huaycán is a different and pleasurable experience. It also astonishes me how many Peruvians are so interested in learning Portuguese. Plus, it’s great having the opportunity to meet amazing people from other countries also wanting to discover Peru in a sustainable way. 
5. Hobbies?
Origami and other crafts. Whatever is related to food (I’m especially interested in veganism and organic food). Learning different languages. Traveling. Meditation and yoga. 🙂

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