Huaywasi, the artisan program within LLI’s Women’s Empowerment Program, has officially launched an online store! All products are hand-made by six different female artisans in Huaycán, who are paid fair wages for their talents. The artisans make a variety of products ; hand-loomed bags and backpacks, dresses and skirts, yoga mat carriers, knit scarves, ceramics, and more. Each Huaywasi purchase supports not only the artisan’s financial future, but also provides free educational workshops for women in Huaycán.

“It is not fair that anybody sit 12 hours sewing and sewing until they collapse of dehydration and hunger,” Ludvig Hambro said. “…It costs us 10 Euro to buy a T-shirt at H&M, but somebody has to starve for you to be able to buy it.” – From “Who’s Really Paying for Our Cheap Clothes” – Ecowatch.comfairwages-herminia

Support fair wages and education for our Huaywasi artisans at


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