Returning for more! Meet Jess our Teen Center Coordinator, who is a returning LLI volunteer that will be with us for one whole year. Thanks for your continued support Jess!


Get to know all about Jess with this Q & A:

1. Tell me about yourself. What school you attended, major, what you were doing before this, hobbies, etc.

I went to Carleton College and majored in International Relations. During my time there I worked as a Gender and Sexuality Center Associate and was involved in the Latin American Student Organization and the Collective for Women’s Issues. I studied in five languages throughout my time at Carleton as language has always been a passion of mine, and I’m always looking for people to practice my French or Arabic with! Growing up, I moved around all the time and ended up spending three years in Santiago, Chile and five years in D.F. (Mexico City), Mexico. During college I studied abroad in Amman, Jordan and Lima, Peru, where I first heard about LLI. These experiences have given me essential language skills and fueled my drive to do my work at LLI.

2. How does it feel being back on the LLI team? Any changes?

It feels great! After being here last year for a little over two months I was so aware that it wasn’t long enough. Since I’ve been back most of the people I work with have been new, but it’s been nice that during my time two people I worked with last year also came back to volunteer, which I think speaks to the commitmpasted image 0ent people feel to this organization. In terms of changes, there’s a lot of new art up on the walls at the teen center, which I love! Last time I was here, we moved everything from the Zone D classroom to the Kid’s Center and everything was still getting set up, so it’s nice to see the Kid’s Center in full swing.

3. Why Teen Center Coordinator?

While I was here last time, I was doing a little bit of everything. I taught math for the kid’s program, taught basic computer skills for the women’s program, translated for a researcher conducting nutrition research through LLI, and worked at the Teen Center. I loved everything I did, but the Teen Center really stood out to me as a unique place for young people who care about their community. As the Teen Center Coordinator is a fairly new position, I feel like there’s still a lot of development to be done, and I’m excited to continue developing the leadership program and organizing a program to help the teens think about their plans after they graduate from the Teen Center.

4. What do you like most about Huaycan?

One of my favorite things about Huaycan is definitely Sunday night futbol/soccer. Every week a group of LLI volunteers, local volunteers, and friends get together to play for an hour or two and it’s such a nice way to get to know people, have fun, and get a little exercise. I also love the street food, and getting to try everything from anticuchos (cow hearts) to bombitas (fried dough sweets).

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