This month was very exciting, as we welcomed back two well-known past volunteers Heidi and John!

14139184_10154408184689030_1054089674_o (1)

Heidi hails from Helsinki,Finland. She has dedicated her time in the emergency room as a registered nurse for 25 years and now works for a social insurance association. During her time with LLI she has been assisting us with our Reading, Math, and English program as well as numerous activities in our Teen Center.


John comes to us from San Francisco, California. He works for Zillow Group  where he is a Senior Mobile Software Engineer, coding iPhones, iPads, and Androids. This is John’s fourth time volunteering with LLI. He has been teaching in our coding and app inventor classes at the Kid’s and Teen Center.

The LLI team wanted to thank Heidi and John on their continuous commitment and we also appreciate your hard work and dedication to our kids!

Here are some kind words from our current volunteers to Heidi and John:

“John has been an amazing addition to LLI’s family. It’s great to see him here, now in his FOURTH volunteer opportunity, and making Coding a permanent part of LLI’s programming. And plus, he loves to share cakes and pastries, so who can deny that? Thanks John for being you.” -Lara
“Heidi is one of the most genuine and loving women I have ever met in my life. We are lucky to have her yet asecond time in Huaycán and I know her calming presence and her dedication is infectious to the rest of us. We love you Heidi!” -Lara
John and Miguel jamming out at the Teen Center! -Patricia
image1 (1)
Heidi has a great way of connecting with every person she meets; from the students at the kids’ center to Dina and Queta in the house. Heidi, I loved dancing with you, come back soon! -Pam
“I’m so glad to have Heidi and John with us this month. They are amazing people with such a great passion for the organization. It’s awesome to be around two inspiring people!” -Rosa
“What strikes me most about John is how generous he is. This is his fourth time volunteering with LLI in Huaycan. Not only does he give his time, but he is always doing kind things for others, like surprising the kids with ice cream and showing up to the volunteer house with a bag of pastries. He gives so much to this organization and is a joy to be around.” -Janae
“I love Heidi’s adventurous spirit. She is not afraid to try new things, like eating anticuchos and teaching Finnish to the kids during childcare, and I have loved all of our game nights and outings with her during my time here. She is so patient and helpful with all the kids and I know they will all miss her so much when she leaves! She truly brings a smile to everyone’s face.” -Janae
John: “I think that returning year after year from his home in the Bay Area of California just shows how committed John is at supporting an organization. He is one of the only individuals I know that balances financial support, with his technological donations, and the other kind of support, that requires teaching that student how to use technology. He’s one cool dude.” – Olivia
Heidi: “She’s exactly the kind of energy you need: for kids, for parents, and for volunteers, as well. A person like Heidi re-energizes you with her kindness and generosity. She reminds me why we do the work that we do. I hope if she returns a third year, we can have her start a Finnish club, because language learning is so important and Heidi is exactly the kind of language learner you want in the classroom: she is someone who consistently tries.” -Olivia

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