The English Program

Did you know that the English Program is LLI’s most popular program? In 2016, LLI started four new English classes: two at the Kid’s Center and two at the Teen Center. We now have 91 students who participate in English classes every week. This year we’ve also had English volunteers from four different countries: United States, United Kingdom, Poland, and Finland, who have helped us to complete LLI’s mission of educating youth in the Huaycán community. LLI is currently working on aligning its curriculum to the Peruvian ELL standards to better assist the needs of the students and their learning habits.

In September, an exciting English music hour has started for all participants at the Teen Center. The teens are enjoying this time to come together to listen and learn with one another. Students participated in various listening activities with vocabulary, including word sorts and stand-up/sit-down for repeated words. At the end, they were able to get the deeper meaning of the song based on what we learned from the vocabulary within the lyrical context.


This month we are really excited to have some amazing teachers with us.

Abbey attended Michigan State University and studied Human Biology/Nutritional Sciences, minoring in Peace and Justice Studies with a focus primarily on Social Justice issues in the realm of Public Health.

Jessica attended Northern Illinois University and studied Nonprofit and NGO Studies with a minor in Spanish.

I asked both Abbey and Jessica, “What made you come out to LLI and what do you like best about it?”

“I heard about LLI from my friends Shelby and Karilynn, who are former volunteers. I was in search of an opportunity to go abroad and LLI was the perfect fit to combine my love for Spanish, kids, yoga, education and even fair trade! What I have loved best is being able to build relationships with the the people of Huaycan. My volunteer experience abroad previously was always only a week at a time and I never was able to immerse myself into the culture. I’ve loved being able to stay for an extended period of time (although 6 weeks went by way too fast!) and really immerse myself in the culture here.” -Abbey

“I decided to come to LLI for the opportunity to learn more Spanish while also working with kids which is something I love to do. I also like to teach, but it’s something I haven’t had the opportunity to do often, so I thought I would enjoy the experience of being a teacher here at LLI. What I like most so far is getting to know the kids both in the classroom and outside of class and forming relationships with them. I also love when we play a fun games in class and all of the students just light up and have a blast.” -Jessica


Are you interested in becoming a part of the team here at LLI? Apply here.


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