LLI’s Reading Program

Did you know LLI’s Reading Program offers classes EVERYDAY! We offer a total of 12 classes a week, which include over 65 students. (That’s more than half of LLI participants!)


In our “Biblioteca/Lectura” classes students are able to read a variety of books available in LLI’s library. Afterwards, they test their skills by answering questions to better comprehend what they have just read. Teacher and student correct comprehension sheets to earn a sticker to complete their passport level. Currently, we have students who are all the way on level 12 passports which include longer books, harder questions to respond, and mini projects to complete.

LLI is so lucky to have over over 1,100 books in our library. For a majority of our students this is their only opportunity to choose a book and bring it home.

An exciting piece of information: LLI has been able to include more lighting, floor pads, and bean bags, where our kids can read in comfort.

Interested in helping out our Reading Program? Become a volunteer:here or donate by visiting our amazon wish list.


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