Education is a cause for celebration

Our end-of-the-year fundraising event is live now! This 2021, The Light and Leadership Initiative fundraising will be a little bit different.  We are trying to fundraise a total of $20,000 through a very special online fundraising.  For every single milestone, we achieve we will be unlocking a video made by our team, starring our teachers,…

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“Education is everything to me too” 

Meet our Women’s Program Manager: Jacqueline “When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be”.  Right after we secured funds for restarting the Women’s Program, we also started the search for the next Women’s Program manager. LLI was lucky…

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It’s been a year already!

One Year at LLI: Challenges and Achievements as LLI’s Executive Director Maria joined LLI as our Executive Director a year ago this month. 365 days full of challenges, achievements, and hard work.  You probably already know our ED. -if not, you can always check our social media post introducing our team in Huaycán, here!-. Specialized…

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About us

The Light and Leadership Initiative is a nonprofit focused on providing high-quality and free educational opportunities to women, teens and children in Huaycán.


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